'Armagideon Time'

I'm a 26 year old bisexual fangirl from England, currently obsessed with Skyrim, the Clash and Zombies!

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Guess what I’ve been doing today?

I have no idea how to use my gas meter… When I put my card in I just mash the red button till the money goes on. Two years and I still haven’t sussed it >_

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Don Burnham, Patty Kistner,
Fallout: New Vegas OST
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Guy Mitchell,
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Vulpes Inculta is almost like a cat in a way…

*Destroys an entire town*

*Presents remains of town proudly to courier*

"Look what I did!  :D"

"You don’t like it…?"

"Well fuck you I did it anyway.  Deal with it."

*Prances away*

This statement is exceptionally true!


fallout cosplay pip boy 3000

I need this!!!

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Marty Robbins,
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Love this song so much it’s unreal!

This was me!