The Morning After the Night Before

I'm a fangirl to the very core.
My family are the very center of my world.
I think tattoos are so freakin sexy on most girls.
I'm a different person every single day of the week.
I don't 'like' things, I hate them or obsess over them.
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I bought some¬†Sony MDRXD100 HiFi Headphones the other day, been testing them out for a few days and I’m REALLY impressed with them!

The only thing I don’t like about them is that the wire is super long, which is a pain when you’re running for a bus or whatever, otherwise they’re cheap and cheerful… A very good buy indeed!

(I’d just like to explain that this picture of me was taken on a cheap webcam at 1.30am… So that’s why it’s as bad as it is!)

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